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The Path of Discipleship


The Path of Discipleship

What is the Path? The answer will vary according to one’s nature and place on the ladder of evolution. Among the religiously predisposed, it is the byproduct of one’s faith and willingness to serve. When spiritually-inclined (though non-religiously), the path is often envisioned as a route leading toward a more sacred and meaningful life. And still, for others, it is a beacon of direction arising from a sensed calling. Each of these perspectives is an expression of truth. Yet the esoteric view of the path adds further nuance, for it maintains that discipleship must be its overarching context. In the nomenclature of Esotericism, the path is therefore called the Path of Discipleship.

When first learning about the Path of Discipleship, people usually inquire into what is meant by the word “discipleship.” Aside from the obvious relationship that this word has to discipline, it conjures images of the devotee who is following a master, guru or a religious doctrine. Yet the greatest master a person should follow is, ironically, the one most overlooked. And who is this unappreciated and least recognized master? It is the soul itself. Indeed, the master least followed is the wisdom of one’s own higher-nature. Each of us must learn to be a disciple of the soul residing deep within. In the most fundamental sense, this is what is meant by the word—discipleship.

When upon the canvas of life the heart is ablaze and the mind wisely poised, discipleship can then emerge. It is to be a disciple of the soul, both as it pertains to its love and manasic (mind) nature; it is to consciously sense the intuitive promptings of the higher-self, as well as determine the intelligent application of such promptings; it is to be a follower of lofty love and spiritual wisdom as they flower within the depths of the heart and the recesses of the higher mind.

Finally, the disciple is one who is committed to selfless service on behalf of humanity and its betterment.  These represent the essential prerequisites for entrance onto the Path of Discipleship. Rest assured that more will be said about this segment of the journey as it leads to the gates of enlightenment. For now, the goal is to simply offer these introductory comments as something worthy to ponder.