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Mark of Betterment

The Mark of Betterment

When consciously walking the Path, there is a growing need to dedicate one’s life in service to others. Over the vastness of time, the evolution of human consciousness causes one to become increasingly aligned with the soul’s guiding influence. Gradually, the soul begins to reveal the sacred Law of Service as a part of its nature. Through this process, a growing feeling of commitment begins to dawn within the human mind. It is to dedicate one’s life in support of humanity’s upliftment, and to leave the Mark of Betterment in the wake of one’s actions.

The Mark of Betterment becomes evident in one’s life when his/her actions are guided by a vision of humanity’s oneness. When this is the case, an individual can be assured that the soul is contributing to that perception. For the soul is keenly sensitive to humanity’s underlying singularity, its oneness. This is initially realized by the simple fact that we are all part of the same species, and are therefore one in kind. Yet slowly our perception of human oneness evolves. We begin to recognize it, not simply as an indication of likeness in kind, but also in essence. This is the vision that begins to dawn as the soul increasingly shapes one’s day-to-day awareness. And, it is through this perceptional lens that the Mark of Betterment is directed.

There are many skills and attributes that define soulful service. The need to act as a practical mystic; the capacity to bridge the truths of the past with the new paradigms cresting on humanity’s horizon; and the art of bringing beauty and order out of chaos—these are just a few of the many innate gifts offered by the serving soul. Above all else, service must be governed by the wisdom of the mind blended with the warmth of the heart. From this, the Mark of Betterment will surely emerge.

William Meader