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In Search of the Soul


In Search of the Soul

What is the soul, and is it something that can be recognized within the fabric of everyday life? Given the fact that the soul is the part of us that transcends death, an exploration into this question is vital when trying to consciously walk the Path. Too often the soul is something casually considered, only taking on greater appeal as one nears the end of life. Yet the soul is who one truly is. Actively seeking its presence within the recesses of consciousness is essential when treading the path to enlightenment.

In this regard, the first step is to realize that human consciousness is dual. By way of honest introspection, one begins to sense that there is a division within the mind—a lower and higher type of perception and thought process. Seeing this within oneself is important, for it provides a needed contrast between the consciousness of the soul and that of the personality. In short, we must discern the difference between the higher and lower parts of ourselves. Sensing this internal duality is a prerequisite to finding and expressing the soul within the fullness of our lives.

The soul is the agent of wisdom, while the personality is an instrument of knowledge. Wisdom can be defined as the blending of knowledge, love and purpose synthesized through personal experience. Here it is important to remember that the causal body (the abode of the soul) is the storehouse of wisdom earned through the crucible of experience over countless lifetimes. The soul’s wisdom is therefore multi-incarnational in its acquisition and application. Yet the personality exists for only a single incarnation and, because of this, is reliant on acquired knowledge only. This does not mean that knowledge is unimportant to living a spiritual life. Knowledge is the genesis that eventually gives rise to wisdom. Indeed, wisdom stands on the shoulders of knowledge. That which is known to the personality eventually germinates into soulful wisdom, in this life or another.

William Meader