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The Primary Principle

The Primary Principle

– A Spiritual Homecoming –

Those of you who are familiar with the Esoteric Philosophy are likely to have an appreciation of its depth and profundity. It is a philosophic view of life that is intricately complex, mentally stimulating and intuitively affirming. Having taught it for many years, I am always amazed at the responses that people offer me when they are first exposed to it. Often to them it feels strangely familiar. It is as if the truths it conveys are already contained, mysteriously, in an abiding place deep within. Indeed, this is precisely what I felt when I discovered this spiritual philosophy thirty-five years ago. For me, and for countless others, finding the Esoteric Philosophy was akin to a spiritual homecoming.

The question is—why do so many people have the feeling of repatriation when first hearing the wisdom of the Esoteric Philosophy? At first glance, such experiences could be written off as indicative of a natural predisposition or environmental conditioning. Yet I must respectfully say, I do believe it to be much more than this. Because the ideas conveyed are quite abstract, it seems unlikely that its wisdom would invoke an immediate sense of recognition based upon the shaping effects of life circumstance or genetic predisposition. Instead, it is far more likely that such experiences hint to the real possibility that such an individual has been exposed to the esoteric view of life in a previous incarnation.

Because of this I have come to the realization that, as a teacher of this philosophic view of life, much of my work is to remind people of what they intuitively already know. It is to reacquaint them to the measure of wisdom and understanding achieved in a previous incarnational cycle, then to build upon it so as to widen it further, as well as to show how such profound ideas have application within the immediacy of their lives.

When considering the specific topics that will frequently bring people home to Esotericism, the range is wide. Often people will be reminded of this philosophy when learning about the process of soul/personality fusion, the incremental steps of initiation leading to enlightenment, or the nature and utilization of will as the companion to love. Yet interestingly, it is exposure to the Primary Principle that seems to create the most recognition by those new to this ageless philosophy.

The Primary Principle asserts that there is a living and indivisible singularity behind all that we know and see in the universe. When considering the ultimate root from which all things arise, this ancient principle maintains that all is ONE—God and creation are but one and the same. Having witnessed the frequency of people experiencing such recognition, I have come to believe that deep within each of us is a residual memory of this universal singularity. In my book (Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny), I refer to this as the “memory of the original condition of Oneness.” And it is this ancient memory, hidden within the depths of human consciousness, which drives evolution forward and eventually leads us back to the Oneness. In truth, it is a homecoming on a cosmic scale.