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The Soul of Humanity Emerges

The Soul of Humanity Emerges

When looking at the current state of the world, it may seem that humanity is on a downward slope heading for disaster. Whether we consider the escalating crisis occurring in the Middle East, widespread famine in Africa or the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest, humanity seems to be at the precipice of global crisis. How we move through this challenging period in history will, in large measure, determine the future for generations to come. We have entered into a stage of human evolution (as a species) where our fate will be determined, either in support of a promising future, or down the road to our eventual demise. Such is the fate of the times. Yet, it must be remembered that crisis is a prelude to all expansions of consciousness. This is true whether considering the consciousness of a human being, or that of humanity as a whole. At this time in history, the Soul of Humanity is emerging, and it does so through the challenge of world crisis.

To begin our discussion, it must first be stated that, esoterically, humanity is considered a living entity in its own right. To some, this may be a strange idea. However, the singularity of humanity has been a notion held by many theologies and philosophies throughout history. Yet, what do we really mean by this expression? Usually it is in reference to the commonality of people lying beyond their racial and cultural differences. This is of course true. Whether considering people in primitive or advanced cultures, the commonness of human beings is abundantly apparent. We all have the same basic needs and yearnings in life. In itself, this realization can bring us closer. However, humanity’s oneness is far deeper than this. Esoterically considered, humanity is viewed as a single life expression. It is not simply a collection of six billion human beings, but is a being in and of itself.  It too has a soul and a personality—a higher and lower consciousness. As individuals, we are not separate from the beingness of humanity, but are cells of livingness within it.

To walk the spiritual path is to transform the lower-self (personality) so that it becomes a cooperative servant on behalf of the higher-self (soul). As anyone treading the path well knows, the transformation of the personality can be a difficult task. It requires that we face many shadowy issues residing within each of us. Tendencies such as greed, pride, fear, and selfish motive are just a few of the many shadow elements that limit the soul from full expression in the outer world. Sometimes called the Dweller on the Threshold, the shadow holds us back from manifesting our spiritual potential. Indeed, the spiritual journey is governed by the need to purify oneself so that the soul is no longer obstructed by any taints within the personality. When this is fully achieved, enlightenment is sure reward. The transformation of the Dweller on the Threshold is an inescapable requirement when individually walking the path. This principle is likewise true when we consider the transformation of humanity’s consciousness. Humanity has a soul, and it also has a dweller residing within its personality. As a species, these shadowy features (within our collective consciousness) hold us back from our deeper potential. Indeed, humanity’s Dweller on the Threshold represents the greatest obstacle to our collective survival.

At this time in history, humanity’s dweller is revealing itself in a variety of ways. One need only look at world events to witness its ugly head rising. For example, it is evident in the behavior of various governments as they wield power in support of national interests, often at the expense of international betterment. We see it in the rise of fundamentalism and orthodoxy (religious and social), as its sounds its separative and elitist note. Such are clear indications of humanity’s shadow, for the dweller is always governed by a separative stance. Humanity’s dweller is also seen in our relationship to the environment and our tendency to exploit it rather than preserve it. The dweller is shamelessly exposed within our economic policies as well. This is indicated in our insatiable desire for economic expansion, while the wiser principle of sustainability is woefully overlooked. These are just a few of the many examples of humanity’s Dweller on the Threshold. As we move further into the 21st century, these shadow elements are becoming increasingly visible to us. Ironically, this is the hope of the future, for the dweller can only be transformed when it is uncovered in the light of day.

As earlier stated, crisis is a precondition to spiritual transformation. This is true whether considering an individual striving to live according to his/her higher nature (soul), or humanity as it seeks to do the same. Both face the challenge of transforming the separative tendencies of consciousness so as to bring more of its soulful wisdom into outer expression. Most of the time, the shadow is hidden from view. It lurks behind the scenes and achieves its selfish objectives without calling attention to itself. However, as crisis nears, the dweller begins to rise and be seen. In today’s world we are witnessing the rise of humanity’s dweller, particularly since the events of September 11th, 2001. More than ever, we see humanity’s shadow rising in human affairs, and all countries and theologies contribute to its expression. We witness it in shortsighted governmental agendas, religious fanaticism, and the growing gulf between the wealthy and the poor. These are forces that promote separateness, and all are manifestations of humanity’s shadowy dweller. Yet, as stressful as these things appear, they are not indication that human civilization is coming to an end. Rather, they point to the fact that humanity has reached a door of transformational opportunity. To clearly see the shadow of humanity is evidence of our readiness to deal with it. In this regard, the shadow is a signpost pointing to the necessity of change, and is therefore a welcome visitor.

The Soul of Humanity is poised to shine forth with greater radiance than in all of human history. As a living whole, humanity is on the brink of an opportunity to be radically transformed. Simultaneous to the rise of our collective dweller, the Soul of Humanity is also emerging. This is evident in the many progressive and humanitarian initiatives that have appeared in the last few decades. For example, there is more humanitarian aid directed to third world countries than at any time in the past; Within the world of economics there is a growing movement toward socially responsible business practices; The ecumenical movement in religions cycles, as well as the emergence and gradual maturation of the United Nations, all point to the Soul of Humanity and its growing influence in global affairs. There are many additional indicators as well. As the Soul of Humanity continues to appear, we shall see the rise of social movements that support greater unity among nations, religions and cultures. Indeed, the Soul of Humanity is slowly shaping human perception so that we increasingly recognize our fundamental oneness. And, it is from this realization that we must eventually base all of our actions, individually and collectively. This is the spiritual destiny of humanity.

The Dweller on the Threshold and the Soul of Humanity are appearing on the global stage at the same time. At first this may seem strange and unlikely. Yet, psychologically it is quite predictable. It is really no different than what occurs to an individual when s/he is faced with a spiritual crisis. There are times when our higher potential (consciousness of the soul) is inwardly recognized. As this realization grows, we simultaneously become aware of various personality (ego) tendencies that seem to prevent this potential from its full expression. In short, the more we see the light of the soul, the more we become aware of the shadow and its power to hold us back. Hence, greater light and greater darkness appear at the same time. Indeed, the light of the soul is what causes the shadow to be known.

It may be asked, what can individuals do to lend support to the Soul of Humanity, as it seeks to transform its dweller? There are actually several methods that can help. The most important is to live and work with a vision of unity, and use this vision as a guide to all action. The Soul of Humanity is a force that unites. When an individual supports the unity of culture, religion, business, education and the arts, s/he is acting on behalf of humanity’s higher nature, its soul. It is a unity that emerges, not through conformity, but through the honoring of human diversity. To support the Soul of Humanity requires that we live and express our own higher consciousness (individual soul) with greater love and wisdom. In truth, the individual soul is merely a cell within the Soul of Humanity. And, to live according to one’s higher consciousness is to be in alignment with this greater soul.

In this discussion we have seen that crisis is an inevitable prelude to evolutionary progress. Crisis indicates that the soul and the dweller are standing face-to-face, and a choice must be made. As our collective soul emerges, the hidden forces of opposition rise in defiance simultaneously. It is in the physics of consciousness that this be so. The Soul of Humanity is seeking to infuse itself into the human condition. Its radiation has the power to create greater unity among nations, cultures and religions, as well as our relationship to the natural environment. In truth, the challenge we face is a crisis of perception. It is a choice between perceiving the future with a commitment to greater unity and understanding, or to fall back on the perceptual model of the past which emphasized separative achievement at the expense of the larger whole. As of now, our decision to live according to the Soul of Humanity has not yet been made. Nonetheless, the larger trend of evolution suggests that the soul will eventually win the day. It is only a question of time. The crisis we see in the world is a blessing in disguise. We are seeing humanity’s dweller more clearly than ever before, and it is from this vision that right choice can be made. The Dweller on the Threshold is the gatekeeper to the spiritual realm. It stands at the threshold to greater light and love. As a species, it is we who must find the key that will transform the dweller. By so doing, humanity will pass beyond it and enter into the dawn of a golden age. This is the promise of the future, though it must clearly be earned.

 © 2006  William Meader

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