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The New Group of World Servers

The New Group of World Servers

Service is the hallmark of the Age of Aquarius. As humanity moves into this new and dawning era, service is understood more broadly than it has been in the past. No longer is it exclusively directed to giving assistance to those most in need. Instead, service is understood as inclusive of all events and circumstance. The Aquarian Age advocates the notion that all situations are opportunities where service can be rendered. Given this, it is true to say that all people who are selflessly making an uplifting contribution (in some arena of life) are agents of service. Today such people are found within every country, culture and racial group. In their totality, they are called the New Group of World Servers, and their work offers the promise of a better world.

The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) has been growing over the last few decades. To be a member of this group requires that an individual recognize the wisdom and prompting of his/her soul, and give practical demonstration to contribute to humanity’s betterment. Primarily (though not exclusively), members of this group work behind the scenes. They are dedicated men and women who seek to provide solutions to the many challenges facing humanity. Whether considering the difficulties evident in politics, religion, education, business, science, etc., members of the NGWS are working within these institutions. They are advocates of a new way of living, and recognize the evolutionary necessity to assist humanity to rightly move forward. In this regard they have been called the Light Bringers, for they carry the light of wisdom in support of humanity’s next evolutionary step.

The NGWS is governed by the blending of the heart and the mind. The heart conveys compassion while the mind reasons and directs. Effective service is governed by one’s ability to equally embrace both these forces, and to utilize their combined power in response to human need. Service is less effective if the balance of these two energies is not achieved. When love overrides the mind, compassion for the pain of others is strong, but intelligent intervention is often lacking. Conversely, when the mind takes precedence over love, acts of service are tainted with ego and the motive to serve becomes impure. Recognition of the sacredness of both love and mind is thus the antidote to these conditions of imbalanced service.

Within all societal institutions are found oppositional forces. These forces represent differing philosophic views and biases. This is most obvious in the political arena, but it is actually true in every institution. In education you see it manifest as opposing points of view regarding the best strategies for educating our youth; Within the business community there are those who advocate the importance of the “bottom line” at the expense of the employees and the environment, versus those dedicated to the betterment of working conditions and environmental protection, but tend toward fiscal irresponsibility; In science this polarization can be seen in those who cling to Newtonian physics with disregard for the newer theories emerging in the realm of quantum mechanics, while others are dedicated toward the quantum model but deny the contextual usefulness of Newtonian ideas. The role of the NGWS is to act as a balancing force between such oppositional perspectives. It is to stand in the middle and act as a bridge so that each side can begin to recognize the wisdom of the other. Within each polarized perspective are found important truths that must be brought forward. This is the great challenge facing the NGWS, for they are standing between forces that are often antagonistic and distrustful of each other. Their mandate is to reveal the “golden thread of truth” within each oppositional perspective. When the sacred truth of each side is recognized, then it is possible that greater cooperation can emerge. Spiritually considered, all things are working toward unity and away from separateness and fragmentation. This can only be achieved when the wisdom held by opposite perspectives can be acknowledged, and this as a prerequisite for change on both sides.

The NGWS is guided by the vision that, inwardly considered, humanity is one. This inner vision is governed by the utilization of the third eye. This “eye of vision” (as it is sometimes called) reveals that underlying humanity’s differing forms, attitudes and cultural biases, is found an inner oneness. And, it is from such vision that true spiritual service takes root and comes forth. This group realizes (consciously or unconsciously) that life represents a profound unity outwardly expressing itself through diverse forms, cultures and attitudes. Unity through diversity is the mantram that governs the attitude of the NGWS. In truth, to see oneself in another is essential for authentic soulful service to be rendered. In this regard, it is to recognize that it is humanity (in its oneness) that must be uplifted. Such is the understanding of service as perceived by members of the NGWS.

From the above description it will be seen that members of the NGWS must have a wide and inclusive point of view. They regard a polarizing issue as an expression of truth and distortion simultaneously. No socially charged issue can escape this paradoxical reality. The more fanatical an idea, the greater the polarization and distortion that it evidences. For example, the environmental movement expresses much truth in its legitimate concern for the protection of the environment and natural resources. Yet, its darkness can be seen in its intolerance to the many other social concerns (such as economic stability) which would be gravely effected if all the demands of environmentalists were granted. Another example is found in the world of politics. Today we are witnessing an emphasis on the welfare of the whole (expressed today in terms of national security) at the expense of many of the individual liberties guaranteed in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Members of both sides tend to be overly supportive of their perspective while showing relative disregard for the opposite concern. Importantly, members of the NGWS do not allow themselves to be polarized by one side of an issue over another. They instead recognize the need to expose the light (and darkness) on both sides of an issue, thus neutralizing the intolerant stance held by each toward the other. Admittedly, the personality of a group member may be inclined to one side of a polarized issue over another. Yet, from the soul’s point of view, the middle perspective is the soundest and wisest position to stand. Given that a member of the NGWS has a measure of soul consciously realized within, such a person will increasingly listen to the soul’s balanced perspective, and this, even when his/her personality is inclined to takes sides. This principle, dearly held by the NGWS, is actually rooted in the precepts of Buddhism. In his teaching, the Buddha stated that all suffering in the world is due to desire, and that the solution to this is to walk the “noble middle path.” This centrist perspective can be understood in many ways. Most importantly, it is a psychological middle path that is being advocated. It is to attitudinally stand in the middle between opposite points of view, embracing both while identifying with neither.

From the point of view of the NGWS, all parties, creeds, religions and governments are recognized as structures of thought evolving over time. These institutions are simply the out-pictured expression of human consciousness. And, because human consciousness is slowly evolving, so too are the institutions through which our collective consciousness is evolving. All societal institutions are merely the expression of human consciousness, and are therefore imperfect. In this regard, nothing within the human experience is free from a measure of distortion. This is a fact woven into the fabric of evolution itself. From this, the NGWS are able to serve with profound tolerance and understanding. Indeed, this group views all formulations of truth as partial, and as temporary ideas suited to the evolutionary needs of the time. With honest assessment it can be seen that humanity’s evolution is expressed through the ideas and attitudes it collectively holds. Yet, these attitudes change as consciousness evolves. Today’s temple of truth will become the prison of tomorrow. Truth is a relative term. The wisest ideas at any given time provide humanity with the vision to move forward. Nonetheless, such ideas will eventually be outgrown, and newer (and higher) truths shall take their place. Truth is therefore contextually defined and relative over time. Truth is simply a formulation or idea determined by the place humanity stands on the ladder of evolution. With this understanding the NGWS works. This requires that its members interpret ideas and events using proportional and relativistic thinking. To achieve this deeper perspective requires recognition that all ideas have elements of the past and future mixed together at differing ratios; It is to know that even the most progressive ideas are useless if they are expressed with condemnation toward the wisdom of the past; It is to realize that one can never find “the” truth, but only “a” truth.

The NGWS has no outer organization guiding it or giving it support. Such would only result in the codification of its activities and render it partisan (therefore partial). Instead, it is best to view the NGWS as an inner group of united souls dedicated to serving the evolution of life upon our planet. This group represents a profound inner unity, while outwardly expressing itself in vastly diverse forms of service. Interestingly, most individuals within the group are unconscious of their membership. Instead, they are driven by a deep and abiding urge to make an uplifting contribution to a better world in some fashion. Though they may not be aware of their participation in the NGWS, their actions and attitudes toward life reveal it to be so. As earlier stated, the majority of the group work behind the scenes, slowly trying to influence the trend of events within the environment they serve. The magnitude of their individual efforts may seem small, but in their collectivity they have the power and insight to change the world. To the individual member, it is not the quantity of his/her influence that is important, but instead its quality. Esoterically understood, quality takes precedence over quantity. The work to be done is to till the soil of thought, and to seed the principles that will eventually give rise to humanity’s future view of life and activity. To the personality, this approach to influencing change is often considered to be too slow. In short, the personality is usually in a hurry. Yet, it is the human soul (not the personality) that governs a member of this inner group of knowers. From the soul’s vantage perspective, slow growth and change is most enduring. Of course, this notion is not intended to promote sloth. Indeed the philosophic attitude held by the group is that there is no hurry, and yet there is no time to lose. Both these ideas are true and do not contradict each other.

In this discussion, we have seen that the New Group of World Servers is the hope of the future. Their attitude toward service is one based upon an inner recognition of humanity’s oneness, and a yearning to support its evolution toward a loftier state. This group stands upon a practical platform that advocates the sacredness of the human spirit, and the evolution of life toward greater states of recognized unity. Living according to a vision of oneness is the antidote to the strife and conflict so apparent in the human condition today. The troubles humanity faces are many. Yet, when looked at through the eye of the soul, it is apparent that all our problems are rooted in the false perception of separateness. Giving remedy to this misperception will surely free humanity from its suffering and plight. The New Group of World Servers sees this inner oneness, and is dedicated to helping humanity come to the same recognition. Indeed, they have no other life intention.

© 2004  William Meader

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