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Homeward Bound

The Soul’s Return to the Ashram ~

(Four-Part Course)
(Offered through the Theosophical Society in America)

Within each of us is a hidden yearning for home. Whether living in a mansion or hovel, home is viewed as a place of retreat from the hectic pace and pressure of outer life. Though this perception is true for most of us, it is a view that arises from the personality (ego), not the soul. For in the eyes of the soul, the notion of home has little to do with an exterior place. Instead, it is recognized as a field of awareness deep within the recesses of consciousness. Esoterically referred to as the Ashram, this inner home is the soul’s eternal abode.

Found upon the buddhic plane (the plane of divine intuition), the Ashram is the source of the soul’s inspiration. From it, the soul senses its purpose and seeks to convey that purpose in the outer world. Yet until the disciple nears enlightenment, his/her sensitivity to the Ashram is only partial, and therefore imperfect. Indeed, the degree to which an individual is receptive to ashramic guidance is a measure of where s/he stands upon the Path. In this four-part course, we will closely examine the Six Stages of Discipleship that inwardly leads each of us into the Ashram, and the degree of ashramic intimacy that each stage conveys. Below are some of the additional topics that will be presented and discussed. We hope you can join us.

  • The Seven Ashrams, and the seven types of souls they seek to influence
  • Building the Antahkarana—the inner bridge to eternity
  • Phases of ashramic return: Transmutation – Transformation – Transfiguration
  • Becoming an Accepted Disciple, and eventually a Chela on the Thread
  • Methods that support greater sensitivity to the Ashram and its guidance

This course is being offered through the Theosophical Society in America (TSA). For more information, or to register, please see the TSA website here.



New Book

by William Meader

(Available in paperback or eBook)

Supernal Light

~ A Compendium of Esoteric Thought ~

Supernal Light is the guiding light of divinity that is hidden deep within each of us. As an individual increasingly awakens to the love and wisdom of the soul, this sacred light gradually begins to crest upon the shores of consciousness. The topics presented in this book can assist each of us in awakening to this divine light. Rooted in the Esoteric Philosophy, it attempts to help the reader build his or her higher mind—the realm of consciousness wherein the soul is found. Subjects such as Revelation, the Purpose and Destiny of the Soul, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Nature of Mind are prominently featured in this book, as well as a deep exploration into the subject of Spiritual Initiation and Soulful Service to a world in need.

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Available in paperback, or as an eBook.

To order Supernal Light, please click here.