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New Four-Part Course

Revelatory Vision

~ The Esoteric Science of Impression ~


Each of us is destined to be an agent of spiritual vision in support of humanity’s upliftment. Indeed, when conscious rapport with the soul has been established, we are then able to sense revelatory insights coming from the soul and the Ashram, deep within. These insights are extremely subtle and are initially transmitted as formless intuitions.  The mind then attempts to give mental form to these revelatory impressions. In this way directional guidance, uplifting ideations, and progressives thoughtforms are shaped within the mind. In the nomenclature of esotericism, this process is referred to as the Science of Impression.

The Science of Impression is the underlying force behind humanity’s evolution, for the processes of evolution and revelation are inextricably intertwined. Evolution is best understood as an effect arising from the ongoing force of ashramic revelation unfolding over the vastness of time. Throughout the entire evolutionary process there is essentially nothing but a growing revelation, and each of us has a part to play in that regard.

During this four-part course, we will deeply explore the Science of Impression, and learn how to be more receptive to revelatory vision, as well as the means to translate such intuitions into progressive thoughtforms in service to humanity. This will include a deep and penetrating inquiry into power of Synthetic Understanding, the Art of Thoughtform-Building, and the creative role of the Third Eye. Listed below are some (but not all) of the additional topics that will be including in this course.

  • Revelatory vision and the nature of Light.
  • The Field of Universality, and the experience of Isolated Unity
  • Discerning higher psychism from lower psychic tendencies
  • The dual nature and transformation of manas (mind)
  • The importance of holding the mind steady in the light

We hope You Can Join Us.

The course is being offered through the Theosophical Society in America (TSA). For more information, or to register, please see the
TSA Website.




New Book

by William Meader

(Available in paperback or eBook)

Supernal Light

~ A Compendium of Esoteric Thought ~

Supernal Light is the guiding light of divinity that is hidden deep within each of us. As an individual increasingly awakens to the love and wisdom of the soul, this sacred light gradually begins to crest upon the shores of consciousness. The topics presented in this book can assist each of us in awakening to this divine light. Rooted in the Esoteric Philosophy, it attempts to help the reader build his or her higher mind—the realm of consciousness wherein the soul is found. Subjects such as Revelation, the Purpose and Destiny of the Soul, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Nature of Mind are prominently featured in this book, as well as a deep exploration into the subject of Spiritual Initiation and Soulful Service to a world in need.

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Available in paperback, or as an eBook.

To order Supernal Light, please click here.