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New Webinar

The Seventh Ray


The Pentagram of Consciousness

The dawning of the Seventh Ray is providing an extraordinary opportunity for those who aspire to serve humanity.  This divine energy increasingly imbues us with the ability to anchor the spiritual truths that we intuitively sense deep within.  With its emphasis on practical mysticism, synthetic perception, and creative manifestation, the Seventh Ray has the potential to elevate the human experience and usher in a luminous era of opportunity.  Yet, our capacity to soulfully serve hinges upon our ability to inwardly hold ourselves within the fivefold field of awareness—the Pentagram of Consciousness.

In this webinar, William delves into the nature of the Seventh Ray and the Pentagram of Consciousness, as well as their relationship to soulful service. He will also explore diverse ways we can harness the energy of the Seventh Ray to enable each of us to express the wisdom of the soul in more practical and grounded ways.

Additionally, this webinar includes an overview of various skills and techniques that can enhance our effectiveness during this challenging and transitional period in human history.

We hope you can join us.

Note:  This webinar will also include a question-and-answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.

Webinar Details and Registration:

Using Zoom, William Meader will be broadcasting this webinar from Portland, Oregon (USA). As a convenience, this webinar will be presented on two separate occasions to accommodate people in different parts of the world.  The information presented in each is essentially the same. Please keep in mind that these two webinar options have completely separate registrations through Zoom and are not interchangeable.

Cost:  $25 USD

Each of these webinar options will be recorded. If you register for either of them but are unable to attend the live event, a link to the recording will be emailed to you a few days after the webinar. This link will also be provided to those who attend the live event.

Below you will find the schedule and registration link for each of these webinar options.


 First Webinar Option:    

Monday, 24 June 2024
(Tuesday, 25 June in Australasia)

Portland, USA:    3:00pm–5:00pm
Chicago, USA:         5:00pm7:00pm
New York, USA:      6:00pm8:00pm
Brisbane, AU:          8:00am10:00am    (Tue, 25 June)
Sydney, AU:             8:00am10:00am    (Tue, 25 June)
Auckland, NZ:         10:00am12:00pm  (Tue, 25 June)

Note: For other locations, please see Time Zone Converter

Registration for this First Webinar Option – click here.


Second Webinar Option:     

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
(Thu, 27 June in Australasia)

Portland, USA:      11:00am–1:00pm
Chicago, USA:           1:00pm3:00pm
New York, USA:        2:00pm4:00 pm
London, UK:              7:00pm9:00pm
Hamburg, GER:         8:00pm10:00pm
Sydney, AU:               4:00am6:00am     (Thu, 27 June)
Auckland, NZ:            6:00am8:00am     (Thu, 27 June)

Note: For other locations, please see Time Zone Converter

Registration for this Second Webinar Option click here.


New Book

by William Meader

(Available in paperback or eBook)

Supernal Light

~ A Compendium of Esoteric Thought ~

Supernal Light is the guiding light of divinity that is hidden deep within each of us. As an individual increasingly awakens to the love and wisdom of the soul, this sacred light gradually begins to crest upon the shores of consciousness. The topics presented in this book can assist each of us in awakening to this divine light. Rooted in the Esoteric Philosophy, it attempts to help the reader build his or her higher mind—the realm of consciousness wherein the soul is found. Subjects such as Revelation, the Purpose and Destiny of the Soul, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Nature of Mind are prominently featured in this book, as well as a deep exploration into the subject of Spiritual Initiation and Soulful Service to a world in need.

View Table of Contents

Available in paperback, or as an eBook.

To order Supernal Light, please click here.