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Join William for his new 2-day featured program.


The Silent Watcher

~ Conveyer of the Soul’s Intention ~


Understanding the soul, and how to express its loving wisdom, is the hallmark of discipleship.  Yet beyond knowing the wisdom of the soul, a more fundamental question often eludes us.  That is, what is the soul’s raison d’être—its reason for being?  The answer comes when we realize that the soul’s purpose is something transmitted to it, not created by it.  Deeper than the soul is found the abode of pure spirit.  And, it is within this subtle dimension where the source of the soul’s purpose is found.  For in that realm resides the custodian of purpose itself—an entity esoterically referred to as The Silent Watcher.   

Until we are standing at the threshold of full enlightenment, the Silent Watcher remains unconscious to us.  It is the ego demands of the personality, coupled with the impurities still existing within its garments (mental, emotional and physical bodies) that shroud the Silent Watcher from our view.  Nonetheless, this entity steadily conveys a purposeful impulse to the soul while remaining quietly hidden behind the so-called Veils of Illusion.

During this weekend seminar, William will closely examine the nature and existence of the Silent Watcher.  He will also deeply consider the Veils of Illusion, as well as various methods or techniques for lifting them within ourselves.  Paralleling this, the essential role of Revelation will be highlighted, and how it uncovers the Silent Watcher patiently awaiting discovery.

Additionally, within a larger context the Silent Watcher has a vaster role to play.  For this divine being is also the propelling force behind the evolution of life within all kingdoms of nature on our planet.  We will therefore closely consider the global crisis now facing humanity, and what we each can do to support the purpose of the Silent Watcher as it seeks to influence and shape humanity’s transition into a new and dawning age.


We hope you can join us!


This two-day training program is currently scheduled in the following locations.

Untied Kingdom  (May 25-26, 2019)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (October 12-13, 2019)

Dublin, Ireland  (November 10, 2019)

Sydney, Australia   (March 7-8, 2020)

Nelson, New Zealand  (March 14-15, 2020)




The Art of Becoming the Soul


The Art of Becoming the Soul
, a collaborative project filmed with Michelle Shaw, is now available at a significantly reduced price through the Soul Bridging Website. Join Michelle and me in this deep exploration into topics such as: In Search of the Soul, God and Creation, Majesty of Love, The Seven Soul Types and more.

At this remarkable time in history, the evolution of human consciousness is greatly accelerating. Many of us are striving to expand our understanding of the soul, deepen our spiritual foundations, and define the spiritual principles essential to living a truly soul-filled life. This eight-part series will deepen and expand your understanding and experience of the spiritual journey. This program will provide you with resources and tools to help you manifest your soul and its expression within the fabric of everyday life.

Visit Soul Bridging for more information.