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The Lighted Lamp

~ An Exploration of the Soul’s Creative Process ~

Presented by: William Meader

* Four Class Meetings *

* Sponsored by the Theosophical Society in America *

Every human being is destined to bring light into the world. Indeed, the purpose of the soul is to creatively express its love and wisdom in support of humanity’s betterment. It is to be a beacon of light in a darkened world and to let your light shine. Yet to do this we must realize that deep within each of us is a lamp waiting to be lit. When its light begins to flicker and glow, it indicates that an individual has entered onto the Path. Such a person is then recognized as a Lighted Lamp.

To be a lighted lamp is to be an aspiring magician. The soul within each of us is seeking to generate loving and creative thoughts that have the power to uplift others in some way. As this inner light begins to blaze, it indicates that the soul now has a sanctuary (within the head) to use to express itself. In this four-part class, we will deeply explore the soul’s creative process—as it seeks to radiate through this lighted lamp within.

This interactive workshop also includes:

• Recognizing the power of the “interludes” in meditation
• Using the “Floor of the Triangle” to add brightness to the lighted lamp
• Hearing and trusting the Voice of the Silence
• The evolution of the inner light leading to the Halo Effect
• Expressing the light of wisdom at times of global crisis

Mondays, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. CDT
October 11 – November 1 (4 classes)

Theosophical Society members: $70 • Nonmembers: $80

Registration includes on-demand access to recordings of all of the classes, which can be viewed for two weeks following the date they were presented. To ensure you receive your meeting link prior to the live program, please register by October 10.

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