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Spiritual Initiation

~ Milestones to Enlightenment ~

~ A Webinar ~

The soul of every human being is evolving over time. In the process, it continually acquires more love and wisdom to be shared in service to others. Yet, to do so, it must become increasingly able to express itself through the lower self, the personality (ego). Indeed, where one stands upon the ladder of evolution is related to how much of the personality has yielded to the soul’s authority and guiding influence. The measure of this is important because it determines one’s readiness for initiation.

Spiritual initiations are the benchmarks of development when walking the Path, and each can be viewed as a portal leading to enlightenment. Every initiation indicates that the soul has taken dominion over an aspect of the personality and its independent tendencies.  They are known and proven milestones of spiritual attainment that lead one to eventually become a liberated Master of Wisdom.

In this webinar, William Meader will closely consider the steps to be taken when on the Path of Initiation. He will deeply examine each of the initiations and the changes in consciousness that they entail. The goal of this webinar is to deepen our understanding of the ladder of evolution, and to become more aware of which rung of that ladder we stand upon.

Please note, this webinar will also include a question and answer segment, followed by a guided meditation.


Cost:  $25 USD

In addition to viewing the online video of this pre-recorded webinar, at the time of purchase you will be provided a link to a downloadable audio recording of this event as well.

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