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The Spiritual Magician

~ The Soul’s Creative Destiny ~

Every human soul is destined to be a Spiritual Magician.  Whether in this incarnation or another, the evolution of consciousness requires that this be so.  As the soul evolves, it increasingly yearns to creatively (magically) serve, and it seeks to use the lower self, the personality, as its outer agent in this regard.  And when this collaboration between the soul and personality is successful, one’s influence upon humanity is uplifting and profound.  Given this, it can truly be said that we are each magicians-in-the-making.

This two-hour webinar is an introduction into the magical efforts of the soul.  It is designed to offer insight into the methods used by the soul to intuitively shape new and progressive ideas within one’s consciousness, and how the personality must then carry these thoughtforms forward in service to the Greater Whole.

When a spiritually-inspired thoughtform is registered within the mind, the soul must then engage the emotional and physical aspects of the personality to continue the manifestation process.  In this webinar we will therefore deeply explore the soul’s creative method as it interacts with each of the three layers of the personality (mental, emotional and physical) in order to effectively deliver its wisdom to a world in need.

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