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Welcome to Emergent Light

Join William for his new 2-day feature program.


The Lighted Lamp

Every human being is destined to bring light into the world.   Indeed, the purpose of the soul is to creatively express its love and wisdom in support of humanity’s betterment.  It is to be a beacon of light in a darkened world and to let your light shine.  Yet to do this we must realize that deep within each of us is a lamp waiting to be lit.  When its light begins to flicker and glow it indicates that one has entered onto the Path, and that one’s capacity to bring light into the world is arising.  Such a person is then recognized as a Lighted Lamp.

To be a lighted lamp is to be an aspiring magician.   By this is meant that the soul within each of us is seeking to creatively generate wise and loving thoughtforms that have the power to uplift and transform.  This is the true definition of magic.  As the “light within the head” begins to blaze forth, it indicates that the soul now has an outpost to express itself in service to others.  In this workshop we will therefore explore the dynamics of the creative process, particularly as it pertains to the soul and its representative—the lighted lamp shining within.

This two-day training program is currently scheduled in the following locations.

Cork Ireland   (May 6-7 2017)

United Kingdom  (May 27-28 2017)

Seattle Washington  (June 17-18 2017)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (October 14-15 2017)



The Art of Becoming the Soul

The Art of Becoming the Soul, a collaborative project filmed with Michelle Shaw, is now available at a significantly reduced price through the Soul Bridging Website. Join Michelle and me in this deep exploration into topics such as: In Search of the Soul, God and Creation, Majesty of Love, The Seven Soul Types and more.

Art of becoming the soul

At this remarkable time in history, the evolution of human consciousness is greatly accelerating. Many of us are striving to expand our understanding of the soul, deepen our spiritual foundations, and define the spiritual principles essential to living a truly soul-filled life. This eight-part series will deepen and expand your understanding and experience of the spiritual journey. This program will provide you with resources and tools to help you manifest your soul and its expression within the fabric of everyday life.

Visit Soul Bridging for more information.