Revelation: Holding the Mind Steady in the Light of the Soul

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This program is presented as a series of 22 modules comprising a two-day workshop as presented by William Meader. Titled Revelation: Holding the Mind Steady in the Light, this series provides a deep exploration into the soul and its role as an agent of revelation.


1. Introduction (Preview)

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: William Meader

In this program introduction, a broad overview is presented of the topics that will be covered in the following 22 sections of the complete series. Related

2. Foundations

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: William Meader

Quotations from the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul (through the writings of Alice A. Bailey) are used to establish a foundational understanding of the spiritual aspects of light… Related

3. Questions on Reincarnation

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: William Meader

William answers questions from the audience about reincarnation and the process through which the wisdom earned during the life is stored within the causal body. Related

4. The Seven Rays of Manifestation

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The Seven Rays of manifestation are presented and how the quality of light varies with each ray type. Soul types reflect the quality and attributes of the ray they manifest… Related

5. Questions on the Seven Rays

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: William Meader

William answers questions to provide clarification on the Seven Rays as they relate to the soul, personality, emotional, mental and physical bodies. Related

6. Audience Reflection

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The audience is asked to ponder a question: What is going on in your life now that you need more insight about in order to move effectively forward? William reads… Related

8. Thought-Form Building

Length: 27 minutesAuthor: William Meader

Thought-form building is explored on a deeper level and the first three rules of White Magic are presented. These rules involve the beginning stages of the creative process as the… Related

9. Questions on the Creative Process

Length: 27 minutesAuthor: William Meader

William answers questions from the audience on the creative process, elementals and efficiency of thought-form building. The process for working with the devic kingdom to efficiently build thought-forms is discussed… Related

12. Agenda for Day Two

Length: 17 minutesAuthor: William Meader

In this module the agenda for Day 2 of the workshop is presented. The Sanskrit term for the bridge between the soul and the personality, the Antahkarana, is discussed as… Related

13. Structure of the Antahkarana

Length: 33 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The structure of the Antahkarana, which includes discussion of the life thread (Sutratma), the consciousness thread and the creative thread. William answers questions from the audience about meditation, the contrast… Related

14. The Principle of Hylozoism

Length: 27 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The fundamental principle of Hylozoism as an essential concept within Esotericism is presented. Planetary incarnations, the redemptive path, and methods for verifying the Esoteric Philosophy while living it are reviewed. Related

15. Point of Tension

Length: 32 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The importance of establishing a Point of Tension in the meditative process is explained in relation to focused immovable will. The method for facilitating intuitive realization by establishing and holding… Related

16. Words of Power

Length: 22 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The concept of the Words of Power associated with each of the Seven Rays is presented. Participants are encouraged to discover the Words of Power which relate to their Ray… Related

17. Questions on Words of Power

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: William Meader

Questions from the audience are taken about the meditation done in Part 16. Tools for improving the richness of meditation are discussed, as are the interplay of the chakras and… Related

18. Purification of the Lower Nature

Length: 29 minutesAuthor: William Meader

Purification of the lower nature is presented as an essential element of the initiatory process. Initiations are discussed as milestones of mastery over the lower vehicles beginning with the First… Related

19. The Baptism

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: William Meader

Considered one of the most difficult of the initiations, the second (also known as The Baptism) requires mastery over the emotional body. The middle principle of uniting pure spirit and… Related

20. The Fourth Initiation

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: William Meader

The Fourth Initiation, called the Crucifixion in the Christian Tradition, or the Great Renunciation in the East, is explained in depth. The Dark Night of the Soul experience is presented… Related

21. The Mayan Time Keepers

Length: 34 minutesAuthor: William Meader

While 2012 is never mentioned in the Esoteric Literature, the Mayan Calendar holds significant interest for humanity. The Mayan culture’s contribution of service as Time Keepers is presented, as is… Related