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The Art of Becoming the Soul

Part 1 of a 3 – Video Spiritual Training Series

The Art of Becoming the Soul Intro Image

William partners with Michelle Shaw, founder of SoulBridging.com, to announce the release of a free three-part introductory training series on the Art of Becoming the Soul. This program, filmed earlier this year in Ojai, CA, is a wonderful introduction to the principles of esoteric teaching and meditation training.

The first video is available for a limited time and can be viewed by following the link here:


Topics discussed in this first video include:

  • What is the Esoteric Spiritual Path?
  • The Difference between the Higher and Lower Self
  • What are Fields and Planes of Consciousness?
  • The Mystical Root of All Religions
  • The Promise of Accelerated Evolution
  • A Journey to Knowing Yourself
  • Living from Your True Self

Watch the video now:


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