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Join William Meader and Heidi Rose Robbins as they partner to bring you an exciting four-day program

 The Gesture of Upliftment~ Manifesting the Soul’s Creative Urge

The destiny of every human being is to live and creatively express the authentic-self, the soul residing deep within. Hidden within each of us is found the soul’s abode, and it is here that one’s true identity and creative intention can be surely known. Though there are many elements related to the soul’s creative agenda, none are more essential than to express the fullness of its love and wisdom. It is to manifest the soul’s creative urge, and this, as a gesture of upliftment in support of human betterment. This retreat is designed to facilitate the discovery of the soul and to more effectively support its creative agenda. In it we will deeply consider the nature of soul consciousness, and how it can be more fully recognized and expressed within the fabric of our day-to-day lives. The ancient steps of creative manifestation (magic) will be closely explored so as to better understand how to translate the soul’s intuitive wisdom into thought forms that have the power to uplift. Accompanying this will be a variety of processes designed to assist us in the journey of self-discovery.

Drawing from the world of literature, poetry and movement you will be joyously enriched by what the arts can bring to the soul’s expression. Finally, we will examine the astrological clues (within our individual birth charts) that provide insight into the soul’s unique style of being in the world, and how this supports its desire to serve.

This four-day event is being held at beautiful Asilomar, California. Asilomar_Beach_2003-10-12

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Event Registration opens April 9, 2014 We hope you can join us.